Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Christmas Craft Sale: A Success Story

sold quite a few of my turned pens, pencils and bottle stoppers along with my polymer clay covered light switch covers.

Here is a photo of some pens and a pencil which are made from acrylic.Please check out my facebook art page for more."MarneysArt"  Feel free to contact me if you are looking for a unique Christmas, Birthday or "just because" gift :)

Here is an example of wood turned pens and a mach 3 style razor handle, these particular pens include a stylus top so are very versatile:

Here is an example of my clay covered light switches which includes glow in the dark clay..I know cool eh! (just tell me the type of switch you have along with favorite colors and I can custom make as many as you would like):

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Wood Working ....

Got around to taking a few photos so I can share.

Been busy making pens and bottle stoppers mostly, for a Christmas Craft fair this month.

This last pen is made out of some type of acrylic/resin (green forest camo) that I bought, but have been doing some casting of my own and will post those pens in a separate blog in the next few days.

Comments and commissions always welcome.

Getting back into painting slowly but surely.  Enjoy it so much but have been distracted (welcomely) by my new passion and distraction from life...woodworking.

Did manage to take in an art lesson from Rain Longson ( @ a local tea house.

We worked on a Monet painting, Waterlilies, and learnt many styles and tricks to painting with acrylics.
Here is my rendition which is in a frame made by my husband Jeff  :

Comments most welcome.