Monday, 5 October 2015

This artist is 'branching' out....

Thanks to the TETRA Woodworking workshop @ the BSCC  (Blusson Spinal Cord Centre ) I have taken up woodworking,  my 1st project & desire was to build frames for my original paintings.  Started out by making many frames which were excellent, each one progressively fancier & nicer .  Since then I have learnt how to use the band saw, chop saw, scroll saw & recently the lathe.  Made a few small end tables, and a tv tray top. This photo shows a few items I have made: frame for a painting, "2nd hand" which helps people to put on a bracelet, spinning tops, muddler (ice crusher), pen, 2 bowls, & a rolling pin I've turned.  Commissions welcome.

WoT Ancient Tank crude design

drawings for Wots Ancient Tank design