Saturday, 19 January 2013

Structures: Tall & Short Art Show on this month

myself and 11 other artists have collaborated to put on an art show which is in Surrey, BC.

Today was the opening and it was a lot of fun and I am very grateful to all the friends who managed to take in the show today.  Thank you so much.

The Newton Cultural Centre (NCC) and Arts Council of Surrey is host and hope you will have time to stop in and take in the art.  Most is for sale if you are interested.  The NCC is open from 10am to 3pm every day of the week.  Here is the address: 13530 72nd Avenue Surrey, BC

BTW I have 2 pieces in the show which I framed with my home made wood frames, I hope you enjoy not only the art but the frames as well.  :)   Just added photos of my paintings below, critiques or comments most welcome!!


Acrylic Painting 12x16 `The Villa`

Watercolor Painting 9x12 `The Temple`

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Mini-Art Show

I hope you all had a pleasant holiday season and that 2013 will bring you and your loved ones all the best!!,4229,divId-2_langId-1_navCode-1000,00.html

I have a mini art show up at my bank in Richmond, which is on the corner of No 3 Rd and Ackroyd: 5811 No. 3 Road Richmond, B.C. Phone: (604) 821-1899, 

I hope if you are in the neighborhood you will take a moment to run in and take a look at the art. 

Enjoy. Please take a business card if you are interested in purchasing art or talk to the staff. 

We will be more than happy to oblige. The show will run until the middle of Jan 2013.

Hours the bank is open:

Mon-Wed 9:30-4

Thurs-Fri 9:30-5

Sat 9:30-3

Sun closed.