Sunday, 1 April 2012


Reading the latest Opus click here to go to OPUS ART SUPPLIES newsletter has motivated me to put out a new blog. It is funny how different things can motivate a person, but that topic is for another day.

In their recent newsletter they had an article INTERVIEW and video: VIDEO of : Maria Josenhans who is an exceptional artist!! Maria was kind enough to share her plein air tips and experiences. I suggest anyone interested in outdoor painting to check it out the video and interview.

NOTE: Maria will be conducting a demo of Plein Air painting at the N. Van Opus Store, this coming Sat, April 7th from 11am-1pm.

Like Maria I really enjoy the outdoors and being in nature, especially with my dog. Not to mention he has a wonderful time!

I belong to a group of painters who get together once a week, although we normally paint at the N.Delta Firehall Art Centre, in the summer we enjoy going to different parks and such and painting outdoors. It is fun to do it with a group and get that instant feedback/critique, especially for me as I am fairly new (been painting for close to 4 years now on and off, more off lately due to illness :( ) however I find also that getting together helps to motivate me to have something to work on and we enjoy socializing, some times a little too much LOL. Some people in the group only paint for fun and cannot get motivated to set their stuff up at home, so getting out once a week helps to at least get some painting done. To each their own. For myself, I would like to make art more of a profession, if I had a proper art studio at home I would find it much easier to paint and would for sure paint more often. Taking out the supplies, and cleaning up after takes more effort of course than the actual painting, one day that is my dream, a home studio!!

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