Saturday, 10 March 2012

not Art related: it's about Exercise

I would love to find one of these that I can try out, have seen them being used by the participants on "The Biggest Loser" and looked they work very well.  As a T5 complete paraplegic I have a hard time getting a good cardiovascular  work out in at the gym, I can use pulleys, thera-bands, free weights and a few weight machines, and just wheeling around the neighborhood doesn't get my heart pumping very hard.  I hear there is a Krank Cylce at the BCIT campus in Burnaby so I need to find out if non-students are allowed to use it.
If anyone knows if there is a local gym that has one I would really appreciate it if you told me, before I found out about BCIT, I thought there were only 4 in the province, Kamloops. Vernon and 2 in Victoria (those places are listed on their Website)

Cheers, Marney

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  1. I guess the one at BCIT is pushed into the corner collecting dust from what I hear, what a shame!!! Will contact them soon. WOW