Friday, 9 March 2012

Artist Statement

Anytime you put paint to paper, it’s an experiment.  Watercolor painting in particular keeps me on my toes.  I enjoy sharing my passion and hopefully inspiring other people to come out and try painting.  Once a week there is a “drop in” painting session at the Firehall, for a small fee you can bring whatever project you are working on, your supplies and paint.  Having that time to paint with others, gets me motivated to always start new projects and try new techniques.  Other artists help to critique and are more than willing to lend a hand if you ask.  Some people have the space to paint in their house, others might not have the space, time or find it hard to get motivated painting on their own, this is a great opportunity to get help, meet new like-minded people and socialize as well.  Don`t be shy there are people with all levels of experience and skill, from aspiring ‘artists’  to those with 30+ years of experience, “ARTISTS”.

If you are the type of person, who like me, at one time thought, “I can’t paint, I cannot even draw a straight line”, turns out you don’t need to be able to draw a straight line.  Just buy a few basic supplies at your local art store and experiment, have fun, socialize and learn.  Never know what may happen, you may possibly discover a hidden talent? 

The opportunity to share my passion with people gives me great joy.

I enjoy using the computer and internet for it's many tools, from Photoshop to surfing, the PC has been invaluable.  I find new inspiration and help via websites and blogs every time I log in onto the WWW.

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